Dick is the ornery, politically incorrect curmudgeon who started this whole thing. Dick's Last Resort is known for its outrageous, surly, and energetic servers who dish out good grub, cold booze, and heaping helpings of sarcasm.
Beware of Servers!
Whether they're putting silly hats scribbled with insults on yer head or dousing you in a sea of napkins, our surly and quick-witted staff is sure to leave you with some lasting memories! Consider yerself warned!
Dick Sez: Hope yer hungry, Sucker! From lip-smackin, fall-off-the-bone ribs to buttery fresh crab legs, our kitchen pros will fill yer gullet with the finest ingredients this side of wherever! We've got Ribs, Chicken, Seafood, Burgers, Sammiches, Appetizers, Salads, Desserts, and all the Booze you could ever use! Go ahead and loosen yer belt 'cause yer grub is served!
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